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How do I purchase a Firearm in Arizona?


Buyer must not be a "prohibited possessor" under federal or state law and be:

• over 18 years of age in order to purchase a long gun or
• over 21 in order to purchase a handgun.
• present government-issued photo ID which establishes name, address, date-of-birth and carries a signature
• Correctly and completely fill out and sign form government form 4473
• If not a U.S. citizen and not an immigrant visa foreign nationals will need to present proof of exception status
• Be able to pay for his or her purchase
• The dealer will then perform a federal NICS (National Instant Criminal Background Check System) check. Usually the check itself will take less than a minute and the resultant answer is either a proceed, a delay or a deny. A delay gives the FBI 3 days to clear it up and before which the firearm cannot be sold. After 3 days the sale can take place automatically. A deny means the sale cannot go through and the purchaser can contact the Arizona Firearms Clearance Center to clear up the matter.
• An Arizona resident may then take possession of the firearm. 


Having a CCW makes it easier to purchase?


Yes. A CCW card is on the ATF's approved Identifications list and enables the sale to finalize without a NICS check.


I am a retired Law Enforcement Officer. Can I use my LEOSA?


No. Unfortunately ATF does not recognise the LEOSA card for purposes of purchasing a weapon and a NICS check will be necessary.


Do you take any forms of Credit/Debit as payment?


Yes. Credit or Debit cards are welcomed, however a 3% fee will be assessed to the final bill amount.







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