How do I purchase a Firearm in Arizona?


Buyer must not be a "prohibited possessor" under federal or state law and be:

• over 18 years of age in order to purchase a long gun or
• over 21 in order to purchase a handgun.
• present government-issued photo ID which establishes name, address, date-of-birth and carries a signature
• Correctly and completely fill out and sign form government form 4473
• If not a U.S. citizen and not an immigrant visa foreign nationals will need to present proof of exception status
• Be able to pay for his or her purchase
• The dealer will then perform a federal NICS (National Instant Criminal Background Check System) check. Usually the check itself will take less than a minute and the resultant answer is either a proceed, a delay or a deny. A delay gives the FBI 3 days to clear it up and before which the firearm cannot be sold. After 3 days the sale can take place automatically. A deny means the sale cannot go through and the purchaser can contact the Arizona Firearms Clearance Center to clear up the matter.
• An Arizona resident may then take possession of the firearm. 


Having a CCW makes it easier to purchase?


Yes. A CCW card is on the ATF's approved Identifications list and enables the sale to finalize without a NICS check.


I am a retired Law Enforcement Officer. Can I use my LEOSA?


No. Unfortunately ATF does not recognise the LEOSA card for purposes of purchasing a weapon and a NICS check will be necessary.


Do you take any forms of Credit/Debit as payment?


Yes. Credit or Debit cards are welcomed, however a 3% fee will be assessed to the final bill amount.







The Firearms are required to be delivered to an authorized dealer for presentation of the Buyer’s FFL License, for authorized transfer of the Firearms.



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